Beer2go PVPVE XPx2/Tx5/Gx4 new Server Cluster


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Welcome to Beer2go!
Server Cluster with all official maps.

It is a PVPVE server but everyone can set a safe structure location 1 x per map that protect structures only, all the time.
The Server should be a no Wipe long running Server, if its possible.
It is pretty empty right now, help me to make it grow.

-XP x 2
-Tame x 5
-Gather x 5
-Egg Hatch x 30
-Dino raise x 15
-Tribe max 5 members
-Wild Dino max lvl 150
-Weight 2x
-Fortitude 2x
-Skill oxygen incrase swim speed a little
-Write /suicide to kill yourself if needed.
-Is not a rented server is my own with very god Hardware (lag free) and a lot of unused performance reserves.

- Hg Stacking Mod
- Super Structures
- Awesome Spy Glass
- Kraken's Better Dinos
- CKF Science Fiction
- CKF Remastered
- Upgrade Station
- Utilities Plus
- Death Recovery
- eco's RP Decor
- eco's Garden Decor
- Cross Server chat
- TCS Auto Rewards (you get every 30 minutes 5 Arcs)
- Vote Rewards (20+20+20 Arcs per day if you vote 3 Servers)
- Safe base (1 location per map that protected Structures from damage online and offline)
- write ingame: /setorp /showorp /removeorp

Votes and Shop Arcs:
If you want to help the server population grow, vote for the three first server (Island,SE and AB). Additionally you receive 60 Arcs for the votes.
Every 30 minutes you receive 5 Arcs!
Write: /claim in Game to get the rewards after voting.
Write: /vote for more infos.

Server Rules:
-Do not block resource rich places, Caves, Obelisks, Terminals, Explorer Notes or drops and artifacts with buildings.
-Please loot beaver dams completely.
-Remove taming pens (after finish taming) or other stuff that is not at your base.
Respect each other and Play fair that the rule section can be small.

If you need somthing, have issues with the server, or only want to chat, go to Discord.

Server Adresses:
The Island:
Sorced Earth:
Crystal Isles:
The Center:
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