Avalon of the West RP, Season Zero!


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Avalon of the West RP :: Season Zero!

Avalon is a Fantasy-Western (some call it Weird-Western) ARK Roleplay Server. We're starting the server in a 'Season Zero' so that we can work on testing out all the fantasy and western features we have! Avalon takes place on the Caballas map, a beautiful modded map. You can go out and create a homestead of your own, or join up with a town (possibly even form one if you have enough people!).

Avalon offers four main classes and the opportunity to take in-character classes to learn up to two more, allowing your character to do whatever you want them to! Wish to rob people as they take animals to market for money? Go for it. Want to be a judge and try criminals for their crimes? Amazing! There is truly no limit to what your character can learn and do.

- Roleplay with PvEvP aspects
- Custom Spawns, things spawn where it makes sense and no overpopulation!
- Custom fishing loot tables (constantly being expanded)
- Weekly mines where you can make money
- Stalls where you can sell most animals for money
- A 'trappers hut' where you can sell trophies
- Money-sinks that you can spent your hard-earned money on
- About 4-8 hour breeding timer (~20 minute imprinting, 1 imprint to 100% for most babies)
- Increased stack sizes and rates

Our staff are active, ready to help, and will be actively Roleplaying on the server alongside you! Avalon offers quests for specific professions, we try to aim for daily bank openings (we try our hardest to take requests), and there will be weekly events for additional RP!

We try our hardest to keep Avalon easy-to-run for low-end PC's (we even have our own certified potato PC!), and we will always work on keeping Avalon a safe place for people. If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to join the discord and check it out!

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/aKdZjscJ2T
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