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Snapped Wrist

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Hi guys, I’m looking for players who would like to join my fresh Xbox PvP 24/7 server on Ragnarok. It is hosted in Sydney on Nitrado. The stats are as stated below:

10x tame
10x gather
10x XP
50x egg hatch speed
10x maturation
Boosted imprinting
Auto Unlock engrams
Infinite weight
Cave damage set to 1
2.5x all player stats
1.5x all Dino stats
Player water and food drain slowed
Increased turrets in one area
No collisions while building (can place walls through terrain)
Boosted fish loot and drops
Wild dinos max 150
Max player level 105
Crossplay enabled
Discord coming soon
Cluster coming soon
Events coming soon

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me through FB or on Xbox on this account: Snapped Wrist . Looking forward to seeing you on there!!

Official Game Server Partner