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so for the past 4 months ive been running a 10x pvp. one of the biggest issues we run into with a pvp server,
is the INI settings for players.
so called game althering ini settings. multiple videos have been uploaded where they expose this cheats.
litarlly making the dark no longer excist , making enemy player light up like the empire state building.
making water clear, removing any of the screen effects and alot alot alot more.
a recent mod has been uploaded that hopefully fixes the issue. however i think its absurd that we have to rely
on a mod to fix issues like this.
ive submitted multiple tickets in the past and another one today since server owners are offered 0 ways of catching these players.
obviously without much response or the standard response that i will ben send to the tech team.
subtiteled : your complain will disapear for ever.
youtubers use these ini settings shamelessly exploiting game mechanics that shoudnt be possible.
i hope server owners out there will check out the following mod.
and give some credit towards this brave modder. who ever he might be.
and who knows wild card might actually starts caring about the pvp community a bid more.
submitting support tickets havent given me any results
would it be possible to run a api for this since its lighter to load ?

ark mod name : ArkCaptcha

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