4/20[ARK] 6 Man Tribes! RapturePvP Cluster! JustWiped!10XP/H/T [S+,Stacks,..]


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Welcome to Rapture PvP/PvE servers!

Rapture PvP Cluster Settings & Mods
*6Man Tribes
*Experience gain x10
*Max Wild Dino level 150 (+150 Tamed)
*Max Player level 150 (+30 ascension)
*12 player tribe
*2 tribe alliances
*Allow flying stamina recovery
*Mating interval x0.25
*Egg hatch speeds x10
*Mature speed x10
*Baby food consumption speed x1
*Allow imprint by anyone
*Imprint stat quality x1.2
*Cuddle interval x0.1
*Cuddle Grace period x5
*Cuddle lose imprint quality speed x0.1
*Taming speed x10
*Harvest amount x10
*Resource respawn x0.5
*Resource Replenish radius player x1
*Resource Replenish radius structure x0.5
*Day Cycle x0.5
*Night cycle x0.65
*Night time speed x0.45
*Crop grow speed x2
*Lay egg interval x0.6
*Hair growth speed x4
*Structure damage repair cooldown 200 sec
*Cannot pick up damaged structures
*Allow unaligned dinos on flyer platforms
*Destroy unconnected water pipes
*Turret limit 150
*Structure Collision Off
*Player&Dino Weight stat per level x3
*Fortitude stat per level x6
*Dino stamina stat per level x2

Mod List
*Automated Ark
*Structures Plus
*Editable Server UI
*Utilities Plus

API plugins
*Ingame Shop
*Learn most engrams at lvl 100
*Passive points (10 points per 10 minute interval)
*Cross server chat
*Kill leaderboard + stealing points when killing people
*Ark Advert to push messages about voting

For balance reasoning and to reduce exploits, we've disabled the following!

*Tek ATV
*All S+ turrets (PvP)
*S+ Repulser Plate

Extra Info & links!

*__**Rapture PvP Discord invite link**__

*__**PvP Cluster**__
steam://connect/ - Rag
steam://connect/ - Island
steam://connect/ - Aberration
steam://connect/ - Extinction
steam://connect/ - Center

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