[28/11][EU/ES] ArkVicio PvP A | 6Man|Steam+Epic|x10 | 8-Map Crossplay Cluster


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πŸ“Š Server rates πŸ“Š
β†’ Experience x10
β†’ Taming x10
β†’ Farming x5
β†’ Breeding x10
β†’ Fishing & Drops x1.2 [WEEKENDS x1.5]
β†’ Cave Damage x6
β†’ Crops speed x10
β†’ Stacks x10

βš™ Server settings βš™
πŸ‘₯ Tribe/Alliance settings πŸ‘₯

β†’ Max players on a tribe: 6​
β†’ Max players on an alliance: 12​
β†’ Tribe joining cooldown: 12h​
β†’ Alliance joining cooldown: 12h​
🏒 Structure settings 🏒
β†’ Max structures in range: 8000​
β†’ Max turrets in range: 200​
β†’ Cloning chamber disabled​
β†’ Fast decay unsnapped structures disabled​
β†’ Structure decay: x0.35​
πŸ‘€πŸ¦… Player/Dino settings πŸ‘€πŸ¦…
β†’ Max player level: 105 + 5 chibi + 45 ascension = 155​
β†’ Max wild dino level: 150​
β†’ Max wild tek dino level: 180​
β†’ Max wild fertilized egg level: 190​
β†’ Dino level points after tame: 74​
β†’ Max tamed dinos: 300​

πŸ—Ί Cluster Maps πŸ—Ί
β†’ Ragnarok​
β†’ The Island​
β†’ Crystal Isles​
β†’ Valguero​
β†’ The Center​
β†’ Extinction​
β†’ Genesis​
β†’ Aberration​

πŸ“‘ Plugins πŸ“‘
β†’ ORP​
β†’ In-game shop & kits​
β†’ Vote rewards​
β†’ Cluster chat​
β†’ In-game chat from discord​
β†’ Donation shop​
β†’ Chat command to fill/configure turrets​
β†’ Dino painting command​
β†’ Engram unlocker​
β†’ Gender changer​
β†’ PvP protection for new/raided players​
β†’ Suicide command​
β†’ Reusables (infinite grappling, bola, spear, parachute...)​
β†’ Popcorning prevention​
β†’ Anti structure mesh​
β†’ Kills feed​
β†’ Tribe enforcer​
🧾 Plugin settings 🧾
β—ˆ ORP​
Β» Damage dealt to structures while offline: 30%​
Β» Turret damage while offline: 300%​
β—ˆ PvP protection for new/raided players​
Β» Disabled first 3 days into the wipe.​
Β» New players protection: 72h​
Β» Raided players protection: 72h​
🌎 Links 🌎
β—ˆ Discord
β—ˆ πŸ…° Cluster A Β» Last wipe: 28/11​
β—ˆ πŸ…± Cluster B Β» Last wipe: 06/11​
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