[11/02][EU/ES] ArkVicio PvP | 8Man | Steam+Epic | x5 | 8-Map Crossplay Cluster


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πŸ“Š Server rates πŸ“Š
β†’ Experience x5
β†’ Farming x5
β†’ Taming x10
β†’ Breeding x10
β†’ Fishing & Drops x1.2
β†’ Cave Damage x6
β†’ Crops speed x10
β†’ Stacks x10

βš™ Server settings βš™
πŸ‘₯ Tribe/Alliance settings πŸ‘₯

β†’ Max players on a tribe: 8​
β†’ Max players on an alliance: 16​
β†’ Tribe joining cooldown: 12h​
β†’ Alliance joining cooldown: 12h​
🏒 Structure settings 🏒
β†’ Max structures in range: 8000​
β†’ Max turrets in range: 200​
β†’ Cloning chamber disabled​
β†’ Fast decay unsnapped structures disabled​
β†’ Structure decay: x0.35​
πŸ‘€πŸ¦… Player/Dino settings πŸ‘€πŸ¦…
β†’ Max player level: 105 + 5 chibi + 45 ascension = 155​
β†’ Max wild dino level: 150​
β†’ Max wild tek dino level: 180​
β†’ Max wild fertilized egg level: 190​
β†’ Dino level points after tame: 74​
β†’ Max tamed dinos: 300​

πŸ—Ί Cluster Maps πŸ—Ί
β†’ Ragnarok​
β†’ The Island​
β†’ Crystal Isles​
β†’ Valguero​
β†’ The Center​
β†’ Extinction​
β†’ Genesis​
β†’ Aberration​

πŸ“‘ Plugins πŸ“‘
β†’ ORP​
β†’ In-game shop & kits​
β†’ Vote rewards​
β†’ Cluster chat​
β†’ In-game chat from discord​
β†’ Donation shop​
β†’ Chat command to fill/configure turrets​
β†’ Dino painting command​
β†’ Engram unlocker​
β†’ Gender changer​
β†’ PvP protection for new/raided players​
β†’ Suicide command​
β†’ Reusables (infinite grappling, bola, spear, parachute...)​
β†’ Popcorning prevention​
β†’ Anti structure mesh​
β†’ Kills feed​
β†’ Tribe enforcer​
β†’ Autofarm​
🧾 Plugin settings 🧾
β—ˆ ORP​
Β» Damage dealt to structures while offline: 30%​
Β» Turret damage while offline: 300%​
β—ˆ PvP protection for new/raided players​
Β» Disabled first 3 days into the wipe.​
Β» New players protection: 72h [DISABLED FIRST 3 DAYS INTO THE WIPE]​
Β» Raided players protection: 72h​

πŸ¦† Beginners Cluster πŸ¦†

❓ What is beginners cluster ❓
Beginners cluster will be 3 maps where everyone will start fresh.
Everyone will need to create a new character & start from scratch, but with higher rates.
After two weeks, we'll add the beginners cluster maps to the main cluster.
Remember tho, when clusters change, data does too, so everything you leave on the data will be lost.

πŸ“Š Server rates πŸ“Š
β†’ Experience: x20​
β†’ Harvesting: x10​
β†’ Taming: x20​
β†’ Breeding: x20​

πŸ—Ί Cluster Maps πŸ—Ί
β†’ Ragnarok​
β†’ The Island​
β†’ Valguero​

⏱ Timeline ⏱
β†’ Day 0.​
Β» Beginners cluster launch.​
β†’ Day 14.​
Β» Beginners Cluster gets added to Main Cluster.​

🌎 Links 🌎

β—ˆ Discord.
β—ˆ Website.
β—ˆ Twitter.
β—ˆ Facebook
β—ˆ ArkVicio Main Cluster Β» Last wipe: 11/02.​
Β» Beginners last wipe: 22/02.​
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