(Steam)Ark low power S+/C10XF30/stable/long-term/fair


New member
Server name: Newly opened S+ C10F30 Changjiu/Tomb/Modern/Free 5W gold coins Octopus 105
Server MOD: Chinese S+ Modern Architecture A Mirror Biography Wooden House Basic MOD
Server multiple: 10 times, 30 times training, 30 times incubation
Server Map: Isolated Island, Ragnarok, Wagai, Central Island, Crystal Island, Extinction, Distorted Genesis
Server features:
1: No server, the administrator mobile phone operation;
2: This server is in all-day PVE declarable mode
3: This server is suitable for new players and old players to provide for the elderly.
4: One activity after another, wonderful!
5: Server official website: www.ark105.com (the official website has a direct server address)
—————————— Server Rules—————————
①: The only QQ group: 1049619476;
②: Administrator QQ: 515955005;
③: This service prohibits bullying newcomers, imprisoning people in cages, and blocking offenders;
④: This server experience multiples and materials are awesome, giving you a cool S+ server;
⑤: This group has set up a PVE mode for all-day cute new paradise for Octopus 10 times, 30 times training and 30 times hatching
For more comments and suggestions, please add feedback from the only QQ group of this service!
More exciting in the 105 server! Welcome to join

Direct address:
steam://connect/ Island
steam://connect/ Central Island
steam://connect/ Wonderland
steam://connect/ extinction
steam://connect/ distortion
steam://connect/ tile cover
steam://connect/ Genesis
steam://connect/ Crystal Island

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