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    Server Status

    I would like a plugin that will report the individual status of servers back to discord. ASM has this feature ie Discord Channel Named Ragnarok status - Server Online Discord Channel Named Island - Server Online
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    crash on start

    can somebody tell me what this error is and how to fix it. its from the log, and server is crashing 03/20/19 15:14 [API][warning] (API::PluginManager::ReadPluginInfo) [json.exception.type_error.306] cannot use value() with array 03/20/19 15:14 [API][warning]...
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    Solved Server Crash (another)

    Hi, I am arunning a server on Host Havoc, and when I i install the ark api, either from their control panel or manually ftp, it crashes the server... well, it has started, just nobody can join. As soon as I take the folder out, it starts fine. I am just moving my server from another hosting...
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    Solved Help for Old Dog Please

    could you please cast your eyes over my Shop json, and tell me what i am doing wrong, I cant get it to load. Would greatly apreciate your help