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    Bless the Gods!! Faster Website now!

    Hehehehe. Great job Michidu! Its lightning fast for me!
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    Solved Ban by IP address

    Would love this to be possible. This way when you ban someone, they can’t simply join with another account in 10 seconds. Seeing how ark is always on sale for cheap and many people have multiple accounts.
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    Solved Auto demolish

    The current auto demolish system is not very good IMO. Each tiered structure has a different demolish time. Not to mention modded items. It would be great to be able to have an exact demolish timer for all structures and dinos, for example 5 days of no tribe member detected all structures and...
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    Rejected Anti Cheat?

    Not sure if this is possible, but as server owners, we all know Battle Eye is a complete joke. My number 1 cheat problem is an aim botter. Is there any way a plugin can detect if someone is aimbotting? Not sure how an aimbot program even works, but would be very cool to have an anti cheat for...