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  1. arxon

    Rcon Scheduler

    nice job! Command to reload?
  2. arxon

    Ark Homes Crash server

    I have been using it without any problem. Suddenly it starts crashing continuously.
  3. arxon


    I have been using it without any problem. Suddenly it starts crashing continuously.
  4. arxon

    Cross Server Chat

    Is it possible to reload the plugin in game?
  5. arxon


    I've been using this addon for a long time and I'm having problems with the kits, writing / kit does not show me any kit, it just does not do anything. To remove doubts, I used the configuration that comes as an example and it keeps happening. What can be?
  6. arxon

    Restart days Ark

    Does anyone know if you can reset the days to 0?
  7. arxon

    Spawn x y z

    Hi. I am looking for a dev capable of creating a spawn plugin for x and z coordinates with several features: 1. The spawn must be enabled for any dino, even for mods. 2. It is possible to add loot in the inventory of the dinos. 3. spawn of dinos configured by time. Axis: every 8 hours spawn...
  8. arxon


    It is possible to configure per permissions a purchase by points to unlock engrams ?, for example: "ShopItems":{ "tekengram":{ // Engram "Type":"unlockengram", "Description":"Engram TEK Boots & Gloves", "Permissions":"Admins,Premiums", "Price":20...
  9. arxon

    spawn of dinos, including mods by coordinates every X time.

    Hi. Is it possible to create a spawn plugin of different types of dinos, including mods by coordinates every X time?
  10. arxon

    TebexArk - Server Donation Plugin

    Ask everyone who uses tebex. Is the delivery of items delayed a lot in your servers ?. I mention it because it took a few days that it takes a lot or even it is not delivered. Without envargo, the delivery of points is instantaneous
  11. arxon


    The atlas server manager has it
  12. arxon

    TebexArk - Server Donation Plugin

    I suggest a small guide showing the different uses offered by the tebex administration panel For novice users
  13. arxon


    Thanks for answering DoC. Can it only be used in kits? I would like to add dinos with their frames to buy points
  14. arxon


    "ptera50":{ "Type":"dino", "Description":"ptera tameado", "Level":50, "Price":30, "Neutered":false, "Blueprint":"Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ClassicFlyers/Dinos/Ptero/Ptero_Character_BP.Ptero_Character_BP'" }, Is it possible to add the mount when buying...
  15. arxon


    Is there a possibility to reload lootbox?
  16. arxon

    TebexArk - Server Donation Plugin

    Seeing that the lack of attention by email is quite slow, I will try to contact through this section. I continue with the free plan and this is the second month that I discount the premium plan, to which I am subscribed. I wait for an answer by email. I hope I do not have to wait long days as...
  17. arxon

    Atlas Server Manager (Source available)

    When you start the server from atlas server manager, this message appears and it is impossible to access the server. If I run the server without atlas server manager, it can be accessed without any problem. What can be happening? additional info:
  18. arxon


    It does not work for me connecting remotely
  19. arxon

    Atlas Permissions

    I get this notice: I have all the plugins updated to date
  20. arxon

    Unicode Rcon

    when starting the servers: