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  1. Tiamo

    Solved [ARKADE] PvP 12man 8-map | PvE 12-map | PvE Evolved 5-map

    With 28 maps, 12 powerful dedicated servers, 5000+ member Discord, weekly Fireside chat where admins work with community, 24/7 support, and continual refinement of our settings/mods as Ark evolves, ARKADE is here to bring you - Survival Perfected! We offer 3 clusters, so you'll be able to find...
  2. Tiamo

    Question Mindwipe plugin

    We need a plugin that only allows Mindwipes to be only used at a variable interval, similar to Wildcard's new 1 wipe per day, but customizable. Is this possible to do with a plugin?
  3. Tiamo

    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    Are there any equal or better servers than OVH out there based in the USA?
  4. Tiamo

    Solved Two different physical servers using the same database

    We currently have 5 maps running on one cluster on a dedicated server. For season 3 we're going to need to move to two different servers on the same cluster for performance issues. Does anyone have two different physical servers on the same cluster using the same database for Ark API Shop and...