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    How to add players to groups created in Ark Permissions 1.6 I can create the groups with the command with Permissions.AddGroup (example alpha) But then when I want to add a person to the group with the command Permissions.Add (example steam id 1234567890) (example alpha) I get a message...
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    Solved Ark Api Linux

    Excuse me, do you know if ark api will be released soon for linux?
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    Solved Help with a code please

    Hello, I greet you cordially. I have a problem when putting a dino of aberration in the shop Example works: I add this dino to the shop and if it works "argent": { "Type": "dino", "Description": "Argentavis", "Level": 30, "Price": 500, "Blueprint"...
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    Solved I need help with translating ArkShop to Spanish

    ¿Podría la interfaz de arkshop en el juego ser traducida al español?