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    Ark Permissions

    Is it possible to remove this plugin from being added to the arkserverapi zip in future updates and just have this as a standalone download.? I use something similar by wooly, but everytime gameserverapp updates the framework it just straight unzips and overwrites our other plugin which causes...
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    Solved Free ArkShopUI Coming

    Best of luck. Not keen on that UI design there as that looks more like a kit based UI design rather then something similar to Woolys or the vanilla genesis shopkeeps or even gameserverapp; GSA is nice; only dislike on it is the fact that it doesn't have quantity purchase options and the store...
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    Remove Personal Ownership

    RemoveOwnershipRadius <Radius> doesn't seem to work correctly.?? it removes from whatever is being looked at but nothing else
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    Would you be so kind to follow these guidelines so that GSA can detect your plugin for install:
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    [Paid REQ] Rewards for Kills

    Concept: What I want: The config and setup for the plugin above is ideal what I'm looking for except instead of hooking directly into ArkShop I'm more interested in it giving rcon command rewards or items instead. (for an item...
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    Dino Limit

    I was wondering if dino tags could be used rather then bp paths. to limit wyverns as a group to a certain number rather then allowing each individual wyvern x amount ie. 7 wyverns 3 fire + 2 poison + 2 lightning or 4 fire + 3 poison or 1 fire + 3 poison + 3 Lightning obviously crystal is a...
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    Weekend Server Rate's Modifier

    "MateBoostEffectMultiplier":1.0, "MatingSpeedMultiplier":1.0, can someone explain what these two are.. never heard of either of those settings.
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    Turret Filler

    would it be possible to do command to toggle on/off velonosaurs like this? and plants?
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    LootBoxes Plus (ARK)

    with the dino options; are you able to set them to neutered? and is the level before taming or considered "perfect tamed" so if you put 150 is that the perfect tamed number or the before; and once command executes it increases the level to perfect tamed.?
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    New Player Protection

    If you're admin of a server are you automatically not protected?
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    [Request] No Fly Zones

    Its a big problem in ragnarok that people can take flyers inside the ice cave entrance just to get the main rewards without actually progressing any further into the cave so I was wondering if its possible to have a plugin made to Restrict Flyers from entering certain areas similar to the "Safe...
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    Chat Icons

    Just have a question for those of you using this that have their own custom mod icons. What size do the icons need to be for them to display correctly in chat without any issues.?
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    Shop Rewards & Stats

    I'd be interested in commissioning an update similar to how Servershop plugin has the ability to reward more points to certain ranks to do something similar where if they have certain ranks through this they get more max/min points.
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    Actually like this idea and was going to suggest it myself. people shouldn't be allowed to go throwing up thatch in corrupted zone and surviving but if they want to build using a harder tier structure then it should be fine.
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    Bronto Change

    game.ini PreventDinoTameClassNames="Sauropod_Character_BP_C" or ClampResourceHarvestDamage= true/false or ?UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=true
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    could you go into a little more depth of what "MinQuality": 100, "MaxQuality": 100, is? I'm assuming its for upgrading the gear ramshackle,aprent, etc but how would we determine these values easily without just "trial and error" Threshholds for each that you happen to...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Will Categories ever be added to this plugin? It really is a pain in the ass to have tons of pages without any sort of categories to offer for quicker purchases.
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    Tested earlier and was no success; might have done something wrong though so I'll close server and upload file and see. Default config though is a bit bugged for any new person due to your extra , on the end of the last setting. lol. Managed to get it all sorted by replacing all files again...
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    needs an update to support extinction crafting skill on gaacha. It locks it due to no setting for it in config.
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    Structures Limit

    +1 would be nice if even possible but hard considering clusters, obi, cryopods, etc.