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  1. Norlinri

    Dino Tracker

    See my answer just above your post :)
  2. Norlinri

    Dino Tracker

    Next version of Dino Tracker will have support for Genesis 2 :)
  3. Norlinri

    Tribe & Player MOTD

    MOTD = "Message Of The Day"
  4. Norlinri

    Cuddle Plugin

    Hey, as per your request, I'm putting a couple of suggestions coming from my players here. Hopefully you can implement some of them :) Suggestions: - Add an option in the JSON to remove the walking requirement for ALL dinos (not just those listed in the config) - After a creature has reached...
  5. Norlinri

    Dino Tracker

    Lovely, thank you! :)
  6. Norlinri

    Dino Tracker

    Hey @Foppa, it seems like coordinates for Crystal Isles are a bit off :) I’ve had different reports from players so I’m not too sure what the actual difference is yet, but let me know if you need me to do some testing.
  7. Norlinri

    Ark Permissions

    Can confirm the Permissions error message. It pops up when players are joining maps, it seems. [Permission][error] (d:\programs\ark\plugins\permissions\permissions\private\hooks.cpp Permissions::Hooks::Hook_AShooterGameMode_HandleNewPlayer) Couldn't add player To add to that, it seems to be a...
  8. Norlinri

    Ark API broken with latest patch!

    Can confirm this is happening on our ARK servers (This has been posted in the ATLAS section though).
  9. Norlinri

    Dino Tracker

    Use /track anky:)
  10. Norlinri

    Vote Rewards

    Hey @OwnProx, I’ve contacted as well as we’re not too sure where the problem is, but sometimes people cannot claim rewards for that website specifically. It either doesn’t even check for that vote or it checks and then nothing happens. The key and config file are all fine as some...
  11. Norlinri

    Vote Rewards

    Confirmed on our servers. It's been disabled in the meantime.
  12. Norlinri

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    Yes, I tried that like I said in my post, the two other creatures I tamed with commands didn't have this issue. We do have increased weight only, so HP and Melee Damage shouldn't change either way, I had thought about it but it doesn't make sense. But I tried with GMSummon and DoTame (after...
  13. Norlinri

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    @Michidu There is an issue with the shop, and I think it does it for ARK too. When you buy a creature from the shop, after a restart or a bit later (I haven't had time to test this part thoroughly yet), the stats change. It seems to happen with HP and melee damage. I received reports from my...
  14. Norlinri

    Atlas Update Broke SteamIDs within the Server API for all Plugins

    We have the same issue on our servers.
  15. Norlinri

    Atlas Adverts

    Working perfectly :)
  16. Norlinri

    Atlas Permissions

    Hey there, Would anyone know why when I use any of the commands, nothing happens? I think the plugin created my group ("VIP") because it appears in the database even though nothing seemed to have happened. But when I want to add someone to that group, the player is only in the default group...
  17. Norlinri

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    That's not exactly true. If you put false like I highlighted above, your spawned ship will require crew and will not ignore wind. Hence my question to Michidu :)
  18. Norlinri

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    @Michidu Ships bought with the config are set to ignore wind. Would it be possible to set the default command to "true true false" instead of "true true true"? It's not possible to use the whole command in the shop, at least not with my testing as it doesn't pass with JSON Validator: SpawnShip...
  19. Norlinri

    Better Spawn Distribution

    Yes it does!