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  1. Foppa

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    The support is moved to the discord for the plugin, see description for support!
  2. Foppa

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Foppa updated Shop, Currency & Kits with a new update entry: 2.9 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits - 2.9

    General: Improved timed rewards: It will always pick the highest group amount if possible. Fixed crash scenarios when unloading Fixed abuse when using Noglin Added search feature for shop items New Global option: "GiveDinosInCryopods": true, //provides dinos from the /buy command in cryopods...
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    Question Need help with server...

    there are settings for this that you can use. You want to look into whitelisting those players.
  5. Foppa

    Updating APi Without Perma crashing ark

    That's strange, but great findings! Was this how ever on some server host? As this has not been my experience on my servers at all :)
  6. Foppa

    Wolfpack PvP Xbox/Win10 EU Ark Server

    Maybe... write some information as well?
  7. Foppa

    Solved Random crash

    Well, that's good to hear! Hopefully it last :) (But hey, Ark is Ark ! :) )
  8. Foppa

    Maga Orp pluggin

    You want to turn to the developer of that plugin for the support! Otherwise, you could post your config here and I'll have a look if there is any errors :)
  9. Foppa

    Dinos self destroying.

    Sounds like you have an auto-decay + auto destroy decayed dinos. Might want to check those settings!
  10. Foppa

    Solved Random crash

    Spontaneously that's not related to any plugin. The function that is causing the crash is FArchiveRealtimeGC which is hard to narrow down without heavy troubleshooting and debugging. What can do is unload each plugin one by one to narrow down if it's one of those. And if not a plugin continues...
  11. Foppa

    How do i upload my plugin

    You can request to be a developer on the site. By sending me a dm on discord!
  12. Foppa

    Could you update/fix API to make compatible crossarkchat again?

    If you are referring to this plugin: It's already marked as maintained and Is not going to be continued unless the developer chooses to pick it up. Feel free to take the source code and develop it further if you...
  13. Foppa

    Adding dino name and level to chat window reward points output

    Maybe just some don't have an answer could be as simple as that :) Or some are just very busy with everything that comes around with managing. There are many reasons! However, When reaching out to support you might want to check generally if the developer of the plugin can give you an answer...
  14. Foppa

    Ark Permissions

    Are you using SQLite?
  15. Foppa

    Dino Colour Command

    Yes it can be in a VIP group, just assign the VIP group in the permission to have the permission name you have assigned in Dino Colour Command
  16. Foppa

    Player Activity 1.1.0 Player Activity This plugin's main purpose is to gather information and post information about who joins/transfer and leaves the server. Very helpful for when you need information on who was online during a certain time or how long that player was online, or when it...
  17. Foppa

    Player Activity

    Foppa submitted a new resource: Player Activity - It tracks what's going on your server and more! Read more about this resource...
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    Dino Colour Command

    It's not the group. It's the permission name you want to add to a group
  19. Foppa

    Ark Permissions

    It should support Unicode, let me know if it's not supporting that.
  20. Foppa

    Dino Colour Command - 2.3

    (2.3) Fixed when the plugin checks for permissions and arkshop (2.2) Fixed Token Bank integration and rework logic to only withdraw on success colouring instead of each use. (2.1 introduce a bug that it would withdraw every time) Fixed typo that broke the possibility to enable token bank...