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    Lethal ORP

    Few things I would like to see. 1. The ability for admins to be able to set a protection time. (ORP only protects the base for X amount of Hours upon a tribe member logging off.) 2. The ability for Admins to se a decay timer. (Also on this one, If a tribe member doesn't log on for 24 hours...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    It's in a paid section on wooly's Discord. Carefull getting past the Aceman troll who clearly has nothing better to do than be a keyboard warrior.
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    ArkShop DB, commands not working.

    I am in his discord I don't see the channel #fix-plugins It's because it's in a section where Patrons can only access.
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    I don't see the fix in Wooly's discord
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    Ark Permissions

    I got that but I am looking for Wooly's and I don't see this #fixed plugin channel on his discord
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    Tie servers together with Shop, Currency & Kit

    You need to use MySQL for this. which means you need to install SQL Workbench.
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    Ark Permissions

    Is the permissions issue not the RAW sockets issue going to be fixed soon?
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    Solved Permissions Plugin Error after ARK Update

    I don't have raw socket issue just shop issues
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    Solved Permissions Plugin Error after ARK Update

    Timeline for the fix on this?
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Rumaan, What is to stop the player from just bringing the kit to another cluster? Meaning I log onto your Extinction cluster claim my kits and then move over to the Rag Cluster then claim those kits and bring everything to your Island cluster. Seems counter intuitive. There isn't a mechanism...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Yea I originally had it all setup through SQLlite back in the day (2018) but That server took a dump and I lost my files. Was trying to remember how to set it up again now. I read in one of the responses to put it in the cluster folder and point to it. I just got unlazy and did a MYSQL db...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    OK so I put my Arkshop.db file in my cluster folder. That resides at C:\ARK Servers\clusters\ArkAhop.db I am running a cluster obviously and trying to link the shop across. In my permissions file config.json I have the dbpath set to "DbPathOverride":"C:/ARK Servers/clusters/ArkShop.db"...
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    Game Config Manager

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    Admin Command Manager

    What about a plugin for Admins to better control their servers. With a UI like the ACM Mod?