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  1. highbass

    what happened to root? why he/she got banned and deleted the plugins?

    is there any critical reason about plugins for that? I have some files download if it is risky I will delete why he/she got banned ?
  2. highbass

    Custom Harvesting

    adding other things to resources. farming bullets from bushes etc.. but please make this plugin free otherwise I swear you everyday badly
  3. highbass

    Steam Name, Character Name, Tribe Name Checker

    check for names for steam, character, tribe names if has unproper blaclisted words in the names player would be kick/ban or auto renamed
  4. highbass

    Detailed of players join and left logs

    A plugin that automatically logs the players by Steamid's, Steam name's, Character name's, Tribe name's and IP's with country value, as this: (76564448019283012, SteamName, CharacterName, TribeName, ip: from Spain) joined to the server (76564448019283012, SteamName, CharacterName...
  5. highbass

    A mute&cooldown chat control plugin

    There is a need of proper mute plugin. it has to be with some functionalities such as: 1.Blacklist words listing(ie: ass, göt) 2.Whitelist words listing(ie : grass, götür) 3.Whitelist steam ids(admins, trusted players etc.) 4.Chat cooldown(Configurable 10s, 15s) 5.Limited Chat to new players...
  6. highbass

    Accepted CrossArk Transfering Cooldowns

    cooldown per players
  7. highbass

    ARK API Crash

    After Genesis update we dont have a day without crashes. It seems Api needs an update to fix unsufficent ark developers mistakes. It was all ok before genesis update and we have crashes everyday after genesis related to api.
  8. highbass

    cluster transfer character/item/dino cooldown

    cooldown transferring item/dino/character for players for sometime cluster wide.
  9. highbass

    PVP limiter per set time

    one tribe can do only 1 base destroy per week after 2 it warns for demolishing 3 times and after he continues during the period he gets banned.
  10. highbass

    Admin global mic ?

    yeah admin global mic similar as "global voice chat" in gus.ini but for only admins or permission granteds.
  11. highbass

    Player XP or level decreasement penalty after death

    after death there would be a xp or level decreasement penalty for the players.
  12. highbass

    Customizable speed stats for flyers

    I think it is possible to customizing some dino classes specified stats by plugins. There is a mod which an admin can set base stats, leveling stats, max stat values etc which is genetic implant. I think a plugin can handle this job too...
  13. highbass

    Customizable PVP areas in PVE server

    for example Admin can set the coordinates of the zone, maybe for example the center of the map between 40-60 vertical and 40-60 horizental of the map. can it be possible by the api ?
  14. highbass

    Music, Mic, Sound Streaming via youtube play list or from another source

    that would be really nice
  15. highbass

    Disable Global Chat to New Comers, giving that ability with admin approve

    hello I checked the plugins but couldnt find about that, its about when a new comer joins to server it will be disabled chat function to him and with time spent for example 1 hour or 3 hours or with an admin approve he will be able to chat on global. is that possible ?