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  1. PedroArmindo

    SteamID our PlayerID

    Does anyone know how to view SteamID or IDplayer that are offline
  2. PedroArmindo

    Control players' level through the database

    I didn't find a simple way to level the player, the only way I found was GiveXPtoTarget, which is bad, since I have to go every 10k and trust the player that the level is correct. I would like a plugin to control, similar to permission, control the level that the player is.
  3. PedroArmindo

    ArkShop change mysql port

    I have a server in pingperfect company. There my mysql port is 3304. In arkshop plugin dont have local to change the default port 3306 to 3304. I tryed { "Mysql": { "UseMysql": true, "MysqlHost": "", "MysqlPort": 3406, "MysqlUser": "pedroa", "MysqlPass"...
  4. PedroArmindo

    Solved ArkShop Sharing Kits

    The kits are being shared among the players. I don't know how to solve it. See picture, the player are sharing the kits. Player 1 receive 2 kit and get 1 kit, left 1 Player 2 receive 2 kit and get 1 kit, left 0 So player 2 are not geting 2 kit, they are sharing.