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    Restart server

    Is it possible to create a plugin that utilizes the RCONs server status reporting function and if it returns a "disconnected" response reboot the server? The recon part is just a suggestion, I just know that it listens for the server and that seems like a convenient way to do it. Then again...
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    Block 3rd party player tracking

    I've had players complain that no matter what they do other players can track them using their steam ID and a website like BattleMetrics across servers. I saw a plugin, specifically for Rust I think, that blocks the transmission of steam IDs. I am wondering if anyone here has worked on...
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    Question Adding/modifying permissions

    Hello everyone, first of all...Thanks to all the contributors here both adding paid and free pluggins. You guys are great and I appreciate it! So I am trying to assign permissions using the permissions manager. What I am attempting to achieve: I want to assign one group permissions to use...