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    ConfigSync 1.2

    I have access to the directory structure of servers via FTP (attachement), similar to ConfigSync, where user has access to the structure on their pc. It would be cool if I could configure connections each ftp connection and edit the configs, just like on my PC.
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    ConfigSync 1.2

    It looks really good, have you considered adding ftp support?
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    Game Config Manager

    Plugin is not functional, it's a pity it would be a really great gadget, maybe one of the active creators will take up this idea.
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    Thanks for help, It works.

    Thanks for help, It works.
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    Give Dino In Cryopod [Deleted]

    I would really like to know how this plugin can work with Shop, Currency & Kits Only the blueprint path is entered into the cfg of Shop, Currency & Kits. For example. "Dinos": [ { "Level": 80, "Neutered": false, "Blueprint"...
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    Simple Dino Stats

    I send anything you need just don't know what exactly you mean by "dino print"?
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    Simple Dino Stats

    BUG REPORT In some cases, the plugin shows negative numbers. We dont use any mods to adjust dino stats. 210% base damage 54 mutations to dmg. see attachment.
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    PVP-Protection (DISABLED) [Paid]

    I also have a problem to pay via paypal. Can the plugin author provide any alternative form of payment?