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    Bypass Queue

    Would be really grate a plugin that a people with a permission can bypass a server that is full of people
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    A plugin that can delete the enforcer of the servers (Exploit)

    basically people in servers with rates more than x5 players can craft this in the terminal station , u can change the crafting cost , but for some reason not in the terminals of extinction
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    Solved Server Crash and unrecognized console log

    Hello , my games servers are crashing and i'm receiving a login the console with this sentence : [698]Untransform [848]Untransform [971]Untransform Can someone help ? what this mean
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    Issue paring managarms

    Hi , my players cant pair managarns in my server , i dont know why . Im using Ark server manager .......
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    If someone can make a plugin that when u travel in a cluster server to another server , the tribe make it in that server conservs his integrantes in the new server ,would be so great .... , maybe need some datebase like mysql