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  1. highbass

    Ark Permissions

    same steamid some are 10 some are 4 lots of duplicated same steamid on the table
  2. highbass

    Ark Permissions

    why steamids on the db are lots of ?
  3. highbass

    Ark Permissions

    there are lots of duplicated steamids in the db why this happens? its making on gen2 map and db file is in own its folder not seperated.
  4. highbass

    Structures Limit

    will you add permisson groups per structure limit?
  5. highbass

    Server Events

    hi does it require PvP mode enabled for setting Arena settings? can it handle PVP on PVE servers too ?
  6. highbass


    how to set enable permission group for disabled items?
  7. highbass

    Chat Icons

    is this plugin crashing server?
  8. highbass

    Solved Free ArkShopUI Coming

    Lethal is a great guy
  9. highbass


    its broken, not filtering shared accounts anymore. its probably broken after game's "allow shared connections" update
  10. highbass

    what happened to root? why he/she got banned and deleted the plugins?

    is there any critical reason about plugins for that? I have some files download if it is risky I will delete why he/she got banned ?
  11. highbass

    Kill Feed

    how its weird?
  12. highbass

    Command Logger

    it sometimes logs /cheat adminpermission commands and sometimes not.
  13. highbass


    does it prevent item loss during server join and the server crashes before the map file save ?
  14. highbass

    Mutes & Blacklist & IP Ban

    did you check your configuration lines in a json validator tool ? such as
  15. highbass

    Mutes & Blacklist & IP Ban

    if you change minutes:5 to «Минут»: 5 program could not see the parameter value. I think it does not support changing the parameter value names thats causing the problem. did you try this ? "BlackList": [ { "Word": "сука", "Minutes": 5 },
  16. highbass

    Kill Feed

    does it crash or safe ?
  17. highbass

    Admins Permissions

  18. highbass

    Admins Permissions

  19. highbass

    Extended RCON

    its ok.