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  1. smooreace

    Game Config Manager Request

    What do we need to do @OwnProx to con you into porting the Ark plugin over to Atlas? The weekend Rates plugin is great, but doesnt fit the bill for every situation. Pweeeeeese!!
  2. smooreace

    Solved New cluster added to existing ArkBot instance

    Finally got around to adding the 4th cluster to ArkBot.... getting a rather non-informative error though. 2018-06-11 15:13:01,336 [7] WARN ArkSavegameToolkitNet.Data.ExtraDataCharacterHandler - Expected int after properties to be 1 but found 0 at 70678743 2018-06-11 15:13:01,356 [7] WARN...
  3. smooreace

    Solved Memory leak?

    Is anyone else seeing a HUGE increase in RAM usage on their servers since the addition of ArkAPI? All of my 25 servers are using, on average, more than 3 times what they used to use!
  4. smooreace

    Solved WebAPI assistance needed

    Needing some help understanding what a few of the settings in the WebAPI config are actually wanting. Its seems to work... some. The webpage works when I browse ip:60001. But it comes to a fairly blank page. No actual information. Just the overall layout is there. If I go to /api/player/steamId...