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    hi , can u do something like this but with the white list ?
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    Automatic whitelist plugin

    would be great !
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    Solved Server Crash and unrecognized console log

    Thanks for the answer ! I figured out , it was a mod crashing my servers not one plugin . Apparently dino storages v2 its not compatible with some of the plugins or mods that i have installed ... i remove the mod and crash stoped
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    A plugin that can delete the enforcer of the servers (Exploit)

    basically people in servers with rates more than x5 players can craft this in the terminal station , u can change the crafting cost , but for some reason not in the terminals of extinction
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    Solved Server Crash and unrecognized console log

    Hello , my games servers are crashing and i'm receiving a login the console with this sentence : [698]Untransform [848]Untransform [971]Untransform Can someone help ? what this mean
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Hi i have a problem with the unlock tekgrams when the players change the map in the cluster the player lost their tekgrams unlocked previously and when he back to the original sever he doesnt have it
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    Issue paring managarms

    Hi , my players cant pair managarns in my server , i dont know why . Im using Ark server manager .......
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    anyone knows ?
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    How do u make plugin don't spamming in the chat what he gave to player ?
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    Ark Permissions

    u need to create basedata, i recomend u mysql
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    Ark Permissions

    just recive this error , but everything its fine and the plugin work great , dont know why i see this error in console : 09/08/20 16:06 [Permission][error] (d:\programs\ark\plugins\permissions\permissions\private\hooks.cpp Permissions::Hooks::Hook_AShooterGameMode_HandleNewPlayer) Couldn't add...
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    If someone can make a plugin that when u travel in a cluster server to another server , the tribe make it in that server conservs his integrantes in the new server ,would be so great .... , maybe need some datebase like mysql