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    Kill Feed

    no its stable but look wierd ;)
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    how to show the ram used by a plugin?

    At the moment i use some plugins but no mods. sometimes my server need a lot of ram. my genesis server use at the moment 35gb ram but only 6 players are online. i try to make a copy on a testserver and deactivate the plugins 1 by 1 but there i got not this used amount of ram. they need only...
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    misstake wrong category

    please delete it
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    Dino Colour Command

    the /cdc command its a bit buggy, only recolor one dino if we test it. all have the same name but its random which dino got the recolor from the renamed dinos. please check it. thanks a lot.
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    Kill Feed

    i have a problem with X Dinos and Wyvern Names. If i kill a X-Rex the plugin show only in the Kill feed "ex" and by a Wyvern "yvern". same problem by some other dinos like X-Wooly Rino "ooly Rino". i reworked the notification to german but in the original version i have the same issues. maybe...