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  1. danielpl11

    Ark Permissions

    They can use admins commands only if you give them the admin password, when you add a player to the admin group they have access only to the permissions you added to that role
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    Link to download the zip is not working, please update. Thanks
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    How much memory ram are consuming all that servers?
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    Im having this error, someone else have the same problem?
  5. danielpl11

    Plugin Crash Manager [Ark]

    Its continue working?
  6. danielpl11

    Tribe & Player MOTD

  7. danielpl11

    Tribe & Player MOTD

    i dont know too :LOL:
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    Automatic Plugin Update Checker

    Its continue working? Im not getting notifications to my Discord channel.
  9. danielpl11

    Structures Limit

    Hi, someone knows who can i make a different between donators and normal users? Normal Player 5000 Prime 7500 Admin unlimited
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  11. danielpl11

    Vote Rewards

    Hi, you need to add only a key. This mean that you can only vote a sever in the config. I have a cluster with 5 servers and my users have to vote in differents maps, The problem is that points are not cluster, mpas have differents points.
  12. danielpl11

    New Player Protection

    Update Ark Api and permissions if you dont do, there is a new Update that obtain corrects id
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

  14. danielpl11

    Solved Permissions Plugin Error after ARK Update

    is not working for me xd
  15. danielpl11

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    plugin is not working, someone know how to resolve?
  16. danielpl11

    New Player Protection

    Hi, i added the plugin to my cluster servers but is not working. can someone help me please?
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    How can i obtain the position or where are commands to use this plugin?
  18. danielpl11

    Vote Rewards

    i think you cant do that, they need to search that link in google and vote
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    how can i create 3 groups, if i create more than 2 the plugin doesnt work "General": { "TimedPointsReward": { "Enabled": true, "Interval": 1, "Groups": { "Default": { "Amount": 10 }, "vip1": { "Amount": 15 }...
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    Shop, Currency & Kits