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    Thanks, it helped
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    @Lethal What could be the mistake? 12/01/20 17:52 [PvPPlus][critical] Failed to open connection! 12/01/20 17:52 [API][warning] (API::PluginManager::LoadAllPlugins) Failed to load plugin - PvPPlus Error code: 998 Microsoft Visual C++ updated
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    @Lethal Will this plugin work in pve mode? Some functions are very useful
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    SurvivalShop - Server Donation (Only Russian)

    Подскажите, почему покраска дино не работает на цвета 57-200? Аадминкой эти цвета можно использовать.
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    Structures Limit

    I would like to have a list (group) of exceptions for building structures.