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    Server Events

    Great plugin and great developer, Greatly simplifies running events on large clusters.
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    GamingOGs - Player Counter Discord Bot

    Not sure what causes it, But reboot your game server will fix it.
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    Nice, i have a similar thing for other stats
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    Kals Engrams

    Hey @kalendell Great plugin as usual, Just going to list some bugs i have found and feature requests here so they don't get lost in convo. Bugs: - The BlockedEngrams function does not seem to work, BP's listed still unlock with Autounlock - Capitalization matters when entering BP's and can...
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    Great plugin idea! possible to add a tribe limit, Solofarm is great for the solo player....but large tribes can really take advantage of it by having 6 people solo farm metal in ab for example... So would it be possible to only allow one dino to be auto farming per tribe per map?
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    Kill Feed

    Or being able to relay it to a web page / leader board
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    Timed RCON commands (server side)

    Battlemetrics rcon does this via schedules. $10 a month. full cluster support
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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    Anyone know of something other than OVH for Australia?
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    [Event] DeathMatch

    If the last player to die is killed while being knocked out, They respawn in the arena rather than teleport back to their original location. Alos causes their character to become bugged, can not interact with structures / dino's and is invisible to other players. Can reproduce this 100%
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    [Event] DeathMatch

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    [Event] DeathMatch

    hey, This seems bugged - My players can still shoot each other and kill each other, as well as be killed by wild dino's While players are waiting for the 30 second fight they cannot damage each other
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    [Event] DeathMatch

    Anyway to make Dino's spawn in when the event starts? Aggressive ones
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    Bronto Change

    Yeah...not what I’m after...better to leave bronto’s tamable as they are a good raid Dino, the other two options do assist and are actively used. Still produces lag on high rate high population servers though.
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    Kill Feed

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    Structures Limit

    Possible to update this to also limit specific tames? Wyvern :10
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    Bronto Change

    Hey, Possible to make a performance plugin that disables the ability for Bronto's to farm berries or greatly limit what they obtain?
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    New Player Protection

    Does it have any fail safes for protected players placing turrets to grief or c4. Can enemy turrets kill a protected player or can they soak?
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    Could you make it possible to add Aura's / Debuffs inside the zones for example: Radiation damage from aberration, Or super cold (Death cold) from Ragnarok, Super heat and so on? also ability to have set quality Loot drops / beacons spawn randomly throughout the zone would be nice.
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    Automated Ark Duplication Glitch

    What's your mod Raw?
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    Solved Templates .json files

    oh... List the items / dinos / kits and cost you want and people may make you one