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    Items+ w/Overflow Protection

    That is great my friend ;) will simplify somuch
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    Items+ w/Overflow Protection

    Hello, anyone can tell me what tables name that plugin will made on SQL ? thanks
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    Thanks my friend
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    hello my friend first great job with that help really allot question is possible to update that to use the plugin arkshop rework ? because gender and sadlle extras? Thanks
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    [Unstable] ArkShop Rework

    Hello, i use the old ark shop is ok if i use the config on this new ? and add the saddle o dino gender or need made all again ? thanks and greate job ;)
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    Tribe Enforcer - BETA

    Joining discord this nigth and will use on my server ;) well play good plug :)
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Hello my friend little question. i use SQL and when players go in server they get default and if they make command /kits they get the default kits, but for some reason, that dont show on database, the points are ok the steam ID to but not the kits, is not always but most time kits colun is...
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    Ark Adverts

    any update about that Plug ? stilkl geting error :(
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    SPWAN LIMIT | FIX Ice Wyvern Spawn

    Hi, i have a big problem with spawn of wyverns... sometimes no fire spawn or light... That will fix that ? Cuz my auto destroywilddino think is not working lol
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    is like when they go on crystal isles they dont get points ... i have time on each 5 min get points and they dont get i look on sql and that one dont encrise on crystal :\
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Hello, Plugin work nice on all my maps but i get few players saying when they go from one map to Crystal Isles the points get freeze, i check log's but dont show nothing anyone get something like that and know how fix ? Thanks
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    Rcon Scheduler

    hello my friend well i start server, and this start like that on all my servers if i change something i need restart to get new "config" :\
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    Rcon Scheduler

    that is my full config { "RCON":{ "IP":"x.x.x.x", "PORT":xxxx, "PASS":"xxx" }, "Commands":[ { "Command":"broadcast <RichColor Color=\"1, 0.5, 0, 1\">AUTODECAY SETUP FOR 72 HOURS OFFLINE BE SURE YOU LOGIN BEFOR THIS TIME</>"...
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    Rcon Scheduler

    From my rcon console text [4/16/2020 8:27 PM] SERVER: Join discord for all info you need press F1! [4/16/2020 8:27 PM] SERVER: Join discord for all info you need press F1! [4/16/2020 8:27 PM] SERVER: Join discord for all info you need press F1! [4/16/2020 8:27 PM] SERVER: Join discord for all...
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    Rcon Scheduler

    Hello, I have { "Command":"serverchat Join discord for all info you need press F1!", "Type":"Minutes", "Schedule":30 } But he sow message on chat like each 5 min or less :\
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    TebexArk - Server Donation Plugin

    Well for that you need have minimum premium plan @codevga @tebex you have any ideia when you comeback with discord commands on Tebex ? iam premium and use allot that :\
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    Ark Permissions

    Hello all so plugin dont give auto default to players... so they dont get points abd stuff us normal ? Last change i make was on shop i put on sql... Thanks for any help
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    New Player Protection

    Hello guys iam making a new server to test some stuff my ping was 25 / 30 , i stop server place protection and start server and i get like 112 / 132 is only with me ? i get this few monght before and now still same :| any ideia how fix that ? thanks
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    Rcon Scheduler

    What you mean ?