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    Request permission to post plugins

    Hey there, I have a couple of free plugins I'd like to post, but apparently I need to request permission from someone. If any staff are there could someone please tell me how to go about requesting permission? Many thanks.
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    Question UE4 Coords to GPS Coords with API

    Does anyone have a working example of acurately converting UE4 Coords to GPS coords with the API? In the dev kit we use scale and origin values which are available with each map, but I have no idea how to find these with the api.
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    Question Communication with Ark Mod

    I'm working on a idea my mod where some communication between a plugin and the mod would be useful. I'm wondering if one of the experts here could offer some advice. I'd like for my plugin to be able to access a string array in a simple Actor spawned somewhere by the mod, who's parent class is...
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    Solved Integration between Ark Server API plugins and mods

    Hi all, I'm wondering if it might be possible for an Ark Server API plugin to extend some functionality to a mod created in the ark dev kit using the blueprint system, and how that might work? One use case might be: the communication features available in the version of UE4 used by Ark is...
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    Solved Extremely poor site performance

    I really hope you don't mind me mentioning this, but I was wondering if you might be aware of just how horribly bad the performance is on your site? I've been needing to use the site a lot lately in the process of attempting to learn all about your wonderful API. The one very frustrating...
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    Solved Including 3rd party libraries

    Sorry for another newb question, but I'm trying to include a third party c++ library ( in my plugin. The plugin compiles fine, and generates the its down dll plus a bunch of other 3rd party dlls which I assume are other libraries that cpprest relies on...
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    Solved Web API

    I'm very interested in developing, if possible, some plugins that would utilise some external web apis. For example, I'd like to work on a plugin that calls a web api uri each time any player logs on or logs off a server, with the uri including some kind of player identification. Is this...
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    * REQUEST* Ability to override *all* building restrictions

    We would love a plugin that would enable server admins to place structures absolutely anywhere on the map regardless of restrictions. The ability to make those structures invulnerable and neutral would be an added bonus. For example, we'd like to admins to be able to place structures on or in...
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    Solved AutomaticPluginReloading

    I'm just getting started with learning this amazing API, and I'd really like to be able to test new builds of a plugin I'm working without having to restart the stupid Ark server every single time. I assumed that was what the config option "AutomaticPluginReloading" was for, so I set it to...
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    Solved Server Settings Report Plugin

    We would love a plugin to allow any player to enter some command (in chat for example) and have returned to them a list of current server settings. In the simplest case, these could be a few predefined settings like XPMultiplier, TamingSpeedMultiplier, HarvestAmountMultiplier etc. A more...