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  1. gutierrezx7

    Permission to Publish Plugins

    I have been working with ARK for two years, and recently developed a plugin / bot discord to assist ARK servers, I would like to know how I get permission to publish. Thanks for yours attention! Att.: R2D2
  2. gutierrezx7

    Advanced Kits

    Congratulations, I was waiting for this possibility for a long time! > "{steamid}"
  3. gutierrezx7

    Shop Rewards & Stats

    Add MySQL Support.
  4. gutierrezx7

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    I have a suggestion to add the possibility of adding variables to the commands. for example the SteamID of the player that triggers such a kit. thus setting up an example: "SayHello":{ // Command With Variables "Type":"command", "Description":"Hello", "Price":1...
  5. gutierrezx7

    Use ShopRewards database on a web page

    I'm looking for a way to use the ShopRewards.db file on a web page, to show the server rank, however I want to use the file without converting it, to update process automated. Thanks for the attention