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  1. Sly

    Filter Structure Placement Collision
  2. Sly

    How to prevent ark server fake population?

    No one will join these servers
  3. Sly

    ArkShop UI Help

    Just PM @AgitoReiKen or join his Discord
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    Dino Limit

    Awesome thanks for it
  5. Sly

    Player counter DISCORD BOT!

    I dont get it...why is this so expensiv? i want to buy it, but wont spent 25 euro for such a simple function. Edit: Will more features come over the time?
  6. Sly

    How much Performance for Plugins?

    Well, plugins are more lightweight than mods, but assign two cores per map and you'll be fine.
  7. Sly

    Solved [request] Epic Ban, PlayerName Ban or HwId Ban
  8. Sly

    Max Imprint

    is it possible to add permissions and tokens per command to use? Would work well with donations :)
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    Thanks for sharing :)