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  1. Ragnar

    Structures Limit

    Is it possible to disable the MaxAmount setting? I would like to use only the specific structures limit.
  2. Ragnar

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Does anyone know what this error might be caused by?
  3. Ragnar

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    Can someone help me? How can I check the players' points without having to load the plugin on the server and use the console? I saw that it has a .db data file how can I open it? Is the new plugin incompatible with the .db of the old plugin? I updated the plugin and it does not load .db here.
  4. Ragnar

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    "divinearmor":{ "Type":"item", "Description":"Compre Divine Chest Armor Ascendente", "Price":5000, "Items":[ { "Quality":100, "ForceBlueprint":false, "Amount":1...
  5. Ragnar

    Solved Templates .json files

    I'm trying to use the Shop, Currency & Kits plugin, but I'm not aware of programming and am having trouble setting up. Someone who has already had this job could provide a template file for agent. That way we could work on the model.