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    [PVPVE][5M] XYZ Community

    Hey! Come join XYZ Community! We're a newer community so there are still lots of really good places to build on all maps! Our center of attention mod is Gaia! Gaia offers 289 creatures across 18 unique tiers, 34 custom structures, and 280 items/resources/equipment.We also have Gaia beacons, Gaia...
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    [Steam][PVE][3 Maps][5M]

    Hey Guys! XYZ Community is a new community that's offering a cluster for both new and experienced players to enjoy. Hope to see you soon! Details: Exp x2 Harvest x3 Mature/Breed/Hatch: x10 Taming: x20 Max Dino Level: 600 Max Player Level: 999 Extra Details: 3 maps (Val, Rag and The Center with...
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    Beginner at API - Help

    Hi! I'm excited to use the API plug ins but I'm stuck! I have downloaded the Ark:server api and i've put the folders into win64 but when i load the game up there's an "[API][error] Failed to create hook for AShooterGameMode.BeginPlay" error! Why is this happening? I've tried to look for an...