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    Issue paring managarms

    Hi , my players cant pair managarns in my server , i dont know why . Im using Ark server manager .......
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    anyone knows ?
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    How do u make plugin don't spamming in the chat what he gave to player ?
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    Ark Permissions

    u need to create basedata, i recomend u mysql
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    Ark Permissions

    just recive this error , but everything its fine and the plugin work great , dont know why i see this error in console : 09/08/20 16:06 [Permission][error] (d:\programs\ark\plugins\permissions\permissions\private\hooks.cpp Permissions::Hooks::Hook_AShooterGameMode_HandleNewPlayer) Couldn't add...
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    If someone can make a plugin that when u travel in a cluster server to another server , the tribe make it in that server conservs his integrantes in the new server ,would be so great .... , maybe need some datebase like mysql