WeaponDamageCustomizer 1.2

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--Ability to change weapon damage values based on wild Dino/tamed Dino/Player

---uses a multiplier meaning this effect scales on top if you have a good blueprint

---does not touch structure damage only increasing/decreasing damage to characters

---supports adding custom weapon names!

how it works?

this plugin will apply a set multiplier of your choosing, let's say you have a rifle that does 100 damage, you set rifle damage multiplier to 2.0, now your rifle will do 200 damage and etc...

cheat WeaponDamageCustomizer.reload -> reloads the config (from game console)

WeaponDamageCustomizer.reload -> reloads config (from RCon)

supports loading and unloading

"Debug":true , // if set to true will print weapon name in the console when you shoot anything
"WeaponDamageCustomizer": [
"WeaponName": "Rifle", //the name of the weapon you want to set a multiplier on goes here
"Multiplier": 100,
"ExactMatch": false, //if set to false will run a contains check, if set to true the weapon name has to match the ingame item 1:1
"IgnoreTier": true, //determines if tier names are looked at or ignored when matching item names
"Type": 1 // type 0 = multiplier to players, type 1 = multiplier to wild dinos, type 2 = multiplier to tamed dinos, type 3 = multiplier to all (player,tamed & wild dinos)
"WeaponName": "Primitive Pistol",
"Multiplier": 10,
"ExactMatch": false,
"IgnoreTier": false,
"Type": 1
"WeaponName": "Longneck",
"Multiplier": 20,
"ExactMatch": false,
"IgnoreTier": true,
"Type": 2

Source Code : https://github.com/WETBATMAN/WeaponDamageCustomizer
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Perfect for what I wanted. Simple and easy to use. Thanks!