Vote Rewards

Vote Rewards 2.4

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  • Fixed voting against TopArkServer (Rewarded the player even if already claimed reward)
  • Added support for TopArkServers new web API 1.2 (This makes the old API 1.1 obsolete)
  • Added new option: "PointsOnly" will skip dinos & items and only reward the player with points.
  • Fixed scenarios where some message wasn't sent after /claim
  • Fixed crash scenario when reloading plugin. added
Updated to Api 3.1 & Vote Queue added it will now wait 1 second in between each communication with a vote site this + the fixed curl in the api should solve most issues please give feedback.
Potential fix on failed requested (updated to the latest api which has a fix on the requests class) hopefully now all requests should now be received and rewarded
Potential Crash Fix
/vrtest crash fix
MinIsBP / MaxIsBP fixed.
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Fixed now it can be used without ArkShop or with