Vote Rewards

Vote Rewards 2.6

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Works as intended with zero hassle. Doesn't get better than that.
Gonna give it 5 star since it is back with more support!
Thank you Foppa. I do have questions tho, mind sharing your discord ?
Here you go: And thank you :)
Almost never works, after voting all I get is checking for votes please wait... then nothing, I know it is setup correctly because it works about 1 in 10 votes very frustrating, wish it worked as intended and it would be a 5 star rating, I have tried reloading config, that does nothing, I did the test /vrtest and received the rewards via the test. so dont know whats going on.
Then you are doing something wrong, out of your description of the problem is to little to go and say exactly what it is, so I rate your review with 1/5 stars. :)
But if you reach out in discord I could help you out and see if we can find the problem together!
Foppa is providing excellent support and is extremely responsive. The plugin is now working again as intended. Highly recommend!
Thanks :D
Sadly i started to use a different system now, cause this plugin was not working for my players a lot of ware not able to claim their rewards. But Foppa is working on the plugin now so i have faith in the plugin again :)
Thanks! :)
I don't know what should I put where it says "KEY"? Can someone help me with the code to use only and reward only in points?
You need to check your API settings on for your server to get the API Key
so for the quality of the plugin i would give 5 stars.
only issue is that /claim sometimes crashes the server. which makes it somewhat unsuable , however i realy hope it gets fixed and if it does ill be happy to donate and change my rating into 5 stars
With the latest build it shouldn't crash. Try it out :)
Love this plugin and players too.
It would be great if the RewardChance could be in percent so you can define much smaller chances than 1/8

On top it could be great to create kits with multiple items.
An one kit only drops 3 items by all given 10 for example.

lite the lootdrop system in ark with weight and min/max num items.
can someone help me with this problem ... when I start the server I get a sign that says: procedure entry point not found.
verry good !!!
Nice Plugin, i love the ability to combine the voting points with the Shop Plugin!!
Can someone explain me or give me an example what should i put on "vote url here "and how players can vote ( they need to tupe /vote arkservers) ? or what
Several servers are now reporting that /claim is crashing servers this week. This is a new issue with existing JSON setups that previously worked until this last update. On one server (Ragnarok map) the server admin voted and then /claim, the server crashed. Shortly after the server rebooted I voted and then /claim and was rewarded without a crash. Later that night a new player joined and voted then /claim crashed the server. On another cluster anyone on the Center or Ragnarok maps are crashing the server with /claim. On a third cluster the server crashed with every /claim regardless of the map. I have no further information to help ownprox narrow this down. Hopefully its something as simple as a website that has changed their settings.
Nice Plugin, do what it need to do and on Bugs (e.g. the claim crash) the dev is working fast on the issue to fix it, nice work!
Works perfectly fine when set up properly! 10/10 would recommend.
Plugin crashes my servers when anyone tries to /claim. Tried contacting dev on his discord where I've paid for another of his plugins and there was no response.
Great plug in. PLEASE add the ability for us to run commands! would make this perfect!
perfect :)
Server crash sometimes when people write /claim
Any idea what is causing that?