Vanilla Modifier [AutoCrafter, Slot Change, Pull & Distribute!]

Vanilla Modifier [AutoCrafter, Slot Change, Pull & Distribute!] 1.5.2

Plugin to modify vanilla (or even modded) game settings without mods

Buy the plugin here, all automatic process:

This plugin will make your server outstand from the others because all the customization you can do without mods!


·Structure Modifier:

-Change structure max inventory slots ( up to what ark can handle, if number of slots in config is greater than ark's max, it will be set to the ark's max to avoid bugs)
-Modify structure crafting speed
-Modify structure HP
-Enable/Disable autocraft for structures, and choose wether all bps autocraft or not. There is a list to set which ones autocraft

·Pull System
-Pull to the structure you are aiming to with this command format: "/pull structure 'resource name' amountToPull"
-Pull to your own inventory with this command "/pull inv 'resource name' amountToPull"
-Pull system will respect max inventory slots AND will also respect only allowed items (for example, no metal can be pulled inside turrets)
-Pull cooldown configuration
-Configurable pull radius
-Option to enable/disable pulling from dinos
-Item blacklist to prevent pulling said item
-Structure blacklist to prevent pulling FROM (taking items from that structure to pull to another place)
-Structure blacklist to prevent pulling TO (pulling resources TO that structure)
-Option to blacklist steamIDs from using pull system

·Distribute system
-Split all resources into equals between all in range structures (Example: takes all metal from nearby forges, and distributes the same amount to each)
-Ability to blacklist structures to be distributed
-Configurable distribute radius
-Distribute system uses the same cooldown as the pull system

·Per structure collision
-Ability to enable vanilla structure collision for individual structures
-Configurable message to show when trying to place obstructed structure

·Infinite Water
-Option to enable water reservoirs to be always irrigated

Console commands:

-> reloads config file

vm.getbp -> prints to console and chat the structure bp path of the structure you are looking to. This bp path is needed for config.json

RCON Commands:

vm.reload -> reloads config file

Config Explained:
  "AutoCraftCommand": { // /autocraft comamnd section
    "EnableAutoCraftCommand": false, // enable or disable command
    "BlackListed_Structures": [ // structures that won't allow enabling autocraft with command

    "BlackListed_Engrams": [ // list of engrams/blueprints you don't want to be autocrafted when it's turned on

    "MsgSender": "VanillaModifier", // Autocraft message sender
    "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand": false, // If true it will use the command format of /autocraft 'item name OR all' on/off. This will also respect below config options
    "OnlyAutocraftPlayerLearnedEngrams": true, // if true will only autocraft the engrams the player who executed the command has learned. Also if true, overrides the setting "OnlyAutocraftSpecificItemTypes"
    "OnlyAutocraftSpecificItemTypes": false, // if true will take item types from below and will only autocraft said Item types
    "SpecificItemTypesToAutocraft": [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ], /*
                                                       ITEM TYPES NUMBERS:
                                                       0 - Consumables
                                                       1 - Armor and equipment
                                                       2 - Weapons
                                                       3 - Ammo
                                                       4 - Structures
                                                       5 - Resources
                                                       6 - Skins
                                                       7 - Weapon attachments

    "AutoCraftCommandNotEnabledMsg": "AutoCraft command is not enabled", // message to send when /autocraft is not enabled in config
    "Usage": "/autocraft on/off", // message to send when autocraft command is used wrongly. If "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand" is true you should set it to "/autocraft 'item name OR all' on/off"
    "BlackListedStructure": "You cannot activate autocraft for this structure", // message to send when said structure is blacklisted from enabling autocrafting
    "EnabledSuccesfully": "Autocraft succesfully enabled for the structure: {0}", // message to send when autocraft has been succesfully enabled. If "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand" is true you should set it to "Autocraft of {1} succesfully enabled for the structure: {0}". {0} stands for structure name while {1} stands for item name (or "all" if it's the case). If "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand" is true, item will be null
    "DisabledSuccesfully": "Autocraft disabled for: {0}" // message to send when autocraft has been succesfully disabled. If "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand" is true you should set it to "Autocraft of {1} disabled for: {0}". {0} stands for structure name while {1} stands for item name (or "all" if it's the case). If "EnableBlueprintChoiceInCommand" is true, item will be null
  "EnableStructureModifier": false, // enables/disables the feature that allows changing hp, crafting speed, autocraft... (basically enables the option right down below)
  "CraftingSpeedStructures": [
      "Blueprint": "", // the bp path of the structure to modify. PrimalItemStructure paths accepted.
      "Health": 0, // New HP of structure. If it's 0 or not defined it will use structure's default hp
      "CraftingSpeed": 10, // crafting speed multiplier. Default: 1
      "AutoCraft": true, // Enable/Disable autocraft. Default: false (NOTE: For structures like forges or others that have autocraft enabled removing this config / setting to false will make it not autocraft anything.
      "AllBlueprintsAutoCraft": false, // if true and autocraft is enabled all blueprints will autocraft.
      "BlueprintsToAutoCraft": [ // if above option is false, it will only autocraft engrams/blueprints listed here

      "ChangeInventorySlots": false, // if true will use below option to set new structure slots
      "InventorySlots": 100 // new slots to set
  "RemovePickupDisableOnMultiUse": true, // If true will allow structures that have their pickup disabled when using them (like teleporters)
  "EnablePickupPrevention": false, // If true will prevent pickup for the structures in the array below
  "PickupPreventionStructures": [ // Structure paths (PrimalItem paths accepted) to enable pickup prevention

  "PickupDisabledNotification": { // Notification to send when pickup is prevented
    "Message": "This structure pickup has been disabled",
    "DisplayTime": 10,
    "DisplayScale": 2,
    "Color": [ 0, 0, 0 ] // In RBG format
  "PullSystem": {
    "Enabled": true, // enable/disable pulling system
    "PullRadius": 30, // pull radius in foundations
    "Pull_Cooldown_In_Seconds": 1, // cooldown to apply after pulling/distributing. Uses seconds
    "PullFromDinos": false, // if enabled will also look into dinos for pulling resources
    "ExcludeItems": [ // exclude items from being pulled to/from a structure

    "ExcludeStructuresToPullFROM": [ // exclude certain structures to grab resources from them when pulling

    "ExcludeFromPullingTO": [ //exclude certain structures to pull resources to them

    "BlacklistedPlayers_SteamID": [ // steamid64 of players that wont be able to use pull system

    "ExcludedPullItemTypes": [ 2, 1, 6 ], // This will exclude specific item types to be pulled, for example to prevent pulling weapons / armor / saddles that have quality, and would be reset to primitive if pulled. Item types numbers are listed in some of the options in this file.
    "Messages": {
      "Sender": "VanillaModifier",
      "Usage": "/pull structure/inv 'resource name' amount",
      "InvNotValid": "The inventory of the structure is not valid",
      "BlacklistedStructure": "You cannot pull to this structure because it has been blacklisted.",
      "PullToStructureSuccess": "Pulled {0} of {1} to the structure's inventory",
      "PullToInvSuccess": "Pulled {0} of {1} to your inventory",
      "NotEnoughResources": "There are not enough resources suitable for this structure",
      "PullError": "Could not pull",
      "CoolDown": "You must wait {} seconds to pull again",
      "UserBlacklisted": "You are blacklisted from pull system by server administrator",
      "OverMaxSlots": "Amount exceeds structure's max inventory items'"
  "DistributeCmd": {
    "Enabled": true, // if trur will enable /dist command for resource distributing
    "Radius": 10, // radius to check for structures to distribute. In foundations
    "Blacklisted_Structures": [ // structures that won't be counted for distribution. PrimalItemStructure paths accepted.

    "ExcludedDistributeItemTypes": [ 4, 2, 1, 6, 7 ], // This will exclude specific item types to be distributed, for example to prevent distributing metal structures into forges when distributing raw metal
                                                       ITEM TYPES NUMBERS:
                                                       0 - Consumables
                                                       1 - Armor and equipment
                                                       2 - Weapons
                                                       3 - Ammo
                                                       4 - Structures
                                                       5 - Resources
                                                       6 - Skins
                                                       7 - Weapon attachments

    "Messages": {
      "Sender": "Distribute",
      "Not_Enabled": "Distribute command is not enabled",
      "NoStructures": "No structures were found in range",
      "Usage": "/dist 'structures to distribute' 'resource name''",
      "NothingFound": "Nothing could be found for distributing",
      "DistributedSuccesfully": "Succesfully distributed resources",
      "NotSuitableIntoInventory": "Some items were not allowed in remove inventory, they were given to you."
  "Collision": {
    "Enable_Per_Structure_Collision": false, // if true will enable vanilla collision check for individual structures
    "EnableCollisionForStructures": [ // structures to enable collision to. PrimalItemStructure paths accepted.

    "Messages": {
      "Obstructed": {
        "Message": "Is obstructed", // Message to send when player tries to place a structure and it's obstructed
        "DisplayScale": 2,
        "DisplayTime": 5
  "InfiniteWater": true, // if true water reservoirs will be always irrigated and thus having infinite water source
  "Commands": { // modify commands if you wish to
    "PullCmd": "/pull",
    "DistributeCmd": "/dist",
    "AutocraftCmd": "/autocraft"

Prior purchasing you need to have joined our discord server (, once you have bought the plugin via our store ( your plugin roles will be granted and you will gain access to the plugin's download.
After download, install in your server and write in the config the account key that you have received via email and by discord direct message from our bot. The plugin will auto register your license once you start a server with the plugin installed!
We will offer support for any matter related to the plugin in our support discord server.

One license is limited to one physical server, meaning that multiple ark servers running on the same machine would only need 1 license.
If for some reason your HWID changes at any time, you can use our Auth Bot to manage all your licenses

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