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[Unstable] ArkShop Rework 2.9.1

No permission to download
this plugin will 100% crash a server if used. I just rolled the dice and gave it a go and it indeed crashed my server within a hour of it being online. It may have something to do with discord hooking as someone spam bought the same package when it crashed which doesnt happen on the original.
awesome, been waiting for saddles + dinos in shopitems :)
Looking forward to more good features
If not problems with /kits, then everything would be great. Except it's a major issue.
Yor Discord Webhocks doenst work...
Great concept but causes crashes with errors referencing ArkShop.dll at random when people buy items from shop, revert back to regular ArkShop and the crashes stop.
causes server crashes , when player just put /kit sometimes
Error popping up & causes server crashes

Error message:
[ArkShop][error] (C:\Users\colli\Google Drive\projects\ArkShop\ArkShop\Private\Kits.cpp ArkShop::Kits::Hook_AShooterCharacter_AuthPostSpawnInit) Unexpected error [json.exception.type_error.302] type must be number, but is number
Your config is wrong
Can I replace it with this plug-in -currency-kits.14/ ?
Very good !
Can't wait for more updates and features!
+++ Rep for humility and willpower. Thank you!