Tribe Log Relay

Tribe Log Relay 2.11

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This plugin is outstanding. Provides players much more knowledge on what's happening on the server as well as us admins to check all players' tribelogs
Geez this plugin is GOLD.
Absolutely brilliant! really well written, and Lethal is incredibly open and receptive to feedback and suggestions, which makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Lethal!
Great, simple.
The plug-in is great, but it cannot coexist with the dummy plug-in. Putting it together must report an error·
Love This so much! I implemented it on karaworlds cluster and it has been a godsend for helping us manage all our servers. This update looks awesome though gonna take me a bit to push it out to 14 servers. lol
My players love all your plugins, especially this one which makes offline raiding more difficult!
Very nice plugin, configurable, works well. Changes the way people are playing Ark.
Awesome Plugin! Fantastic for admins. The Force Tribe Membership option ensures everyone on my server is logged and I can use TribeID admin commands to support/enforce. Having all tribe logs go to discord is great because its a permanent archive that is easily searchable - much better than other logs.
is there a way to disable the @everyone ?
Works as intended, requested filter for admin log and got a positive answer within 5 minutes.
Absolutely love it! This is going to save us so much time!
like it! also with the @everyone notification if true
this is a very good implementation of a plugin based tribe log relay. it does a very good job of doing what it was designed for. so far it has shown to be easy for players to utilize and admins to setup.