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Provides continuous Player/Tribe structure protection by Tier.
Tier is determined by what engrams have been unlocked by all players in the tribe.

Tier Protection Rules

There are 5 Tiers (default config below):
  1. Thatch
  2. Stone - the stone foundation is unlocked
  3. Metal - the metal foundation is unlocked
  4. Partial-Tek - at least one is unlocked: Tek Replicator, Tek Turret and Tek Shield
  5. Full-Tek - all are unlocked: Tek Replicator, Tek Turret and Tek Shield
  • Structures that have decayed completely or are longer than 7 days decayed are not subject to Tiering Protection rules and can be attacked normally.
  • Players can only raid other players/tribes from their own tier.
  • Higher tier players cannot attack lower tiers players.
  • Lower tier players can choose to attack higher tiers if they want (after being warned)
    • If they do, they will become the Tier level of the tribe they are attacking and can be attacked back by that tribe only
  • Ability to set limits on how long players can stay protected in a specific Tier. This prevents players from "hiding" in a Tier to avoid PVP.

Example Scenario:
Tribe A: is Stone Tier
Tribe B: is Metal Tier
Tribe C: is Stone Tier

- Tribe A, B and tribe C cannot attack Thatch tier.
- Tribe B cannot attack Tribe A or C
- Tribe A can attack tribe C.

- Tribe A cannot attack Tribe B unless they choose too.
Then they will become Stone tier against Tribe B only, and Tribe B can now attack them back.
Tribe A will still be able to attack Tribe C because they are still both considered Stone Tier.

When a lower Tier attacks a higher Tier:

They are warned:

They ignored the warnings!

When a Higher Tier attacks a lower Tier:

The message you receive when you have MaxTierProtectionDurationInDays enabled

Please note: If this plugin is deployed in the middle of a season then all tribes are defaulted to thatch tier until they log in the map at least once. So, if you happen to attack a tribe that you know is Metal tier but they haven't logged in yet since the upgrade, they will be considered thatch and you wont be able to attack them yet. This is because the plugin reads the tier information from the player character, so they need to log in at least once for that to happen.

  "TieringProtection": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "IgnoreAdmin": true,     // ignore admins, set to false if you wish to test Tier Protection as an admin
    "DiscordWebHookURL": "",  // the private discord channel to send messages to
    "EnableLowToAttackHigh": true,   // enable low tier to attack higher tier
    "LowAttackHighWarningCount": 5,  // number of warnings before low tier becomes the tier they are attacking
    "AllowDemolitionAttack":  true,  // if the structure can be demolished , then allow the player to damage it and ignore Tier Protection rules
    "AllowAttackOnDecayDayNumber": 8, // the number of days of decay time allowed before Tier Protection is ignored, on day 8, protection is removed
    "WarningResetCooldown": 10,      // number of seconds before warning counter resets
    "PlayerUpdateIntervalInMins": 5, // how often to update the database
    "MessageIntervalInSecs": 5,      // how long the warning message displays for
    "MessageTextSize": 1.4,
    "MessageDisplayDelay": 10,       // how long to wait before next message
    "MessageColor": [
    "StructureExemptions": [   // structures to ignore from Tier Protection rules

    // dont change these trigger setting unless you know what you are doing :)
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // to trigger Stone Tier the player must have ALL of these engrams unlocked
    "StoneTierTriggerBP": [

    // to trigger Metal Tier the player must have ALL of these engrams unlocked
    "MetalTierTriggerBP": [

    // to trigger Partial-Tek the player must have ONE of these engrams unlocked
    // to trigger Full-Tek Tier the player must have ALL of these engrams unlocked
    "TekTierTriggerBP": [

    // the amount of days a tribe is protected in the tier they are in
    "MaxTierProtectionDurationInDays": {
        "Enabled": true,    // disable and players are protected all the time
        "Thatch": 5,           // players are only protected for 5 days in Thatch tier
        "Stone": 10,
        "Metal": 20,
        "PartialTek": 30

    // New Messaging config allows for multi language support.
    // In the example below you could add a Spanish group to Permissions and anyone with that group will see the messages in Spanish
            "Default": {
                "SenderNameInChat": "TIER PROTECTION",
                "Warning": "Warning",
                "LastWarning": "LAST WARNING",
                "HigherAttackingLowerMessage": "You cannot attack a lower tier tribe ({} vs {})",
                "LowerAttackingHigherMessage": "You cannot attack a higher tier tribe ({} vs {})",
                "LowerAttackingHigherWarning": "You are attacking a higher tier tribe ({} vs {}). If you continue to attack them you WILL LOSE your Tiering PROTECTION and they CAN attack you back.",
                "LowerMarkedHigherMessage": "You are now marked as {} tier against this tribe and they can attack you back now. Good luck!",
                "DiscordMessage": "Tribe: {} ({}) was tier: {} and is now tier: {} against Tribe: {} ({})",
                "TimeRemainingInTierMessage": "Your {} tier protection expires in: {} Day(s) {} Hour(s) {} Minute(s)",
                "TierStatusMessage": "You are currently {} tier",
                "LabelTier1": "Thatch",
                "LabelTier2": "Stone",
                "LabelTier3": "Metal",
                "LabelTier4": "Partial-Tek",
                "LabelTier5": "Full-Tek"
            "Spanish": {
                "SenderNameInChat": "PROTECCIÓN DE NIVELES",
                "Warning": "Advertencia",
                "LastWarning": "ÚLTIMA ADVERTENCIA",
                "HigherAttackingLowerMessage": "No puedes atacar a una tribu de nivel inferior ({} vs {})",
                "LowerAttackingHigherMessage": "No puedes atacar a una tribu de nivel superior ({} vs {})",
                "LowerAttackingHigherWarning": "Estás atacando a una tribu de nivel superior ({} vs {}). Si continúas atacándolos, PERDERÁS TU PROTECCIÓN DE NIVEL y ELLOS PUEDEN atacarte de nuevo.",
                "LowerMarkedHigherMessage": "Ahora estás marcado como nivel {} contra esta tribu y ahora pueden atacarte.¡Buena suerte!",
                "DiscordMessage": "Tribu: {} ({}) era nivel: {} y ahora es nivel: {} contra Tribu: {} ({})",
                "TimeRemainingInTierMessage": "Su {} nivel de protección vence en: {} Día (s) {} Hora (s) {} Minuto (s)",
                "TierStatusMessage": "Actualmente es el nivel {}",
                "LabelTier1": "Thatch",
                "LabelTier2": "Stone",
                "LabelTier3": "Metal",
                "LabelTier4": "Partial-Tek",
                "LabelTier5": "Full-Tek"

RCON: Reload config command: tp.reload
CHAT: Check your tier: /tier

If you enjoy my plugins, please leave a rating! I'd also like to give a shoutout to WebBatman and Pelayori for helping me with my plugin development. I highly recommend ALL of their plugins!!!

Please join my discord channel for any questions or support. Thank you!

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