Teleport 2.0

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  • Teleport to offline players
  • Player teleport request using /tpr
  • TPR Cooldowns limits
  • TPR Dino limits
  • TPR Teleport Distance limits
  • TPR Teleport Delay
  • Admin Teleport to player
  • Admin Teleport player to yourself
  • Admin Teleport dinosaur looking at
  • Admin Teleport tamed dinos within distance
  • Admin Teleport other players tamed dinos within distance
  • Admin Teleport to Position X, Y, Z
  • Admin Position output
  • Customise messages

Chat Commands:
  • /tpr <CharacterName> - Request a teleport to a player
  • /tpa - Accept the teleport request from a player

Console Commands:

  • cheat offline <CharacterName> - Admin lookup offline players
  • cheat otp <ID> - Admin teleport to offline players
  • cheat tp <CharacterName> - Admin Teleport to a character
  • cheat tpm <CharacterName> - Admin Teleport character to you
  • cheat tt - Admin Teleport the dinosaur you are looking at to you (pretty close range)
  • cheat tpd <Distance> - Admin Teleport all tribe tamed dinos to you <Distance> : 1 - 8000
  • cheat tpdp <Distance> <CharacterName> - Admin Teleport a players tribe tamed dinos to you
  • cheat tpp <X> <Y> <Z> - Admin Teleport to position
  • cheat pos - Admin output current position
  • cheat treload - Reload Teleport Config
  • TPREnabled - Enable Player teleport requests: true or false value only
  • TPRCoolDownEnabled - Cooldown before player can tpr again
  • TPRCoolDownForPlayerTeleportedTo - Apply cooldown to player being teleported to
  • TPRCoolDownSeconds - How long cooldown lasts in seconds
  • TPRDelaySeconds - The delay in seconds before a teleport requested player teleports
  • TPRMaxDistance - The max distance a teleport request player can teleport apart from each other -1 to disable
  • TPRAllowDinoTeleport - Allow dinosaurs to teleport with teleport requested player this in no way effects admin commands
  • Messages - its ok to change these just make sure to leave all the {} in the string

Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Latest updates

  1. Teleport 2.0

    Ability to lookup offline players with cheat offline <CharacterName> Ability to teleport to...
  2. Teleport 1.9

    Updated to Api 3.1
  3. Teleport Update 1.8

    most commands are using console commands now be aware of that (cheat tpp) crash's fixed

Latest reviews

Why is it forbidden to enter prompt text in the game

为什么游戏里输入 提示禁止文本
nice for pve!
Nice plugin. Needs some more configs like:
Using this Plugin for GamingOGs server. Works awesome! Thank you!
Good but needs some more limitations if players are going to use it. Tho excellent for admins!
I love the freedom of this plugin for tping to players as an admin
Works right out of the box, easy adjustment of configs
good enjoy