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Tame Disabler

Control dino taming at runtime, without restarts. Can detect a wipe and disable specific dino taming for X real-life time. All group taming enabled time is stored on a local .db file, WORKS PER MAP NOT CLUSTER WIDE!!

Plugin features:

  • Delay taming of specific dinos when a map wipe is detected (new save file generated)
  • Disable taming of some dinos completely, allowing to enable them at any time without server restarts
  • Re-enable taming of dinos disabled by the plugin with just a config reload

Console/RCON Commands:

- reloads config
tamedisabler.changeoffset [optional group name] minutes - changes time at which gaming group becomes tamable. It works by setting the offset like: now + minutes
tamedisabler.checkoffsets - ADMIN ONLY: checks when tames are enabling, doesn't show already tamable groups

Command examples:

- I want to delay tame enabled for group "24_hours" for another 1 hour
Command for that: "tamedisabler.changeoffset 24_hours 60"

- I want to delay tame enabled for all groups for another 1 hour
Command for that: "tamedisabler.changeoffset 60"

- I want to enable now "24_hours" group taming
Command for that: "tamedisabler.changeoffset 24_hours 0"

- I want to disable taming of group "24_h" forever
Command for that: "tamedisabler.changeoffset 24_hours -1" (please note you should change it to -1 in config, if you want it to persist after restart)

- I want to enable "24_hours" group earlier than expected
Command for that: "tamedisabler.changeoffset 24_hours <minutes>" (For example, it should enable in 6h but you want to enable it in 2h:
"tamedisabler.changeoffset 24_hours 120"

Config file explained:
    "DetectMapWipe": true, // If true will detect when a new map wipe is done (new save file) and it will add the time offset, so dinos won't be tamable for X minutes (TimeOffset variable)
    "Time_Groups": {
        "SeasonLong": { // Group name, must be unique and is used for tame management
            "TimeOffset": -1, // Time (in minutes) when the dinos in "Disabled_Dinos" list will be tamable, this is used when DetectMapWipe: true /* If tame offset is -1 dinos won't be tamable despite of anything */
            "Disabled_Dinos": [ // Dinos to disable taming
        "8_hours": {
            "TimeOffset": 480, // When map wipe detected, disable taming for X minutes. If -1 it will be disabled always, despite of map wipe. IT'S MINUTES!!!!
            "Disabled_Dinos": [
            "Broadcast": { // Broadcast settings to let players know when dinos in this group are tamable
                "Chat": { // Broadcast in chat msg
                    "Enabled": true,
                    "Text": "Paracers, Carbonemis and Genesis Golems are now tameable!", // Note: If you use line breaks (\n) color formatting will be broken
                    "Color": [ 70, 255, 255 ], // Color in RGB Format
                    "ServerName": "TameDisabler" // Chat sender name for broadcast msg
                "ScreenNotification": {
                    "Enabled": true,
                    "Text": "Paracers, Carbonemis and Genesis Golems are now tameable!",
                    "DisplayTime": 15,
                    "DisplayScale": 15,
                    "DisplayColor": [ 70, 255, 255 ]
                "DiscordWebhook": { // Send discord webhook when this group is enabled
                    "URL": "", // If nothing written here, it will skip sending the webhook
                    "Message": "@everyone Taming of Paracers, Carbonemis and Genesis Golems is now enabled! Go tame them!"
        "24_hours": {
            "TimeOffset": 1440, // 1440 Minutes = 24h
            "Disabled_Dinos": [
            "Broadcast": {
                "Chat": {
                    "Enabled": true,
                    "Text": "Reapers, Rock Drakes and Tusos are now tameable!",
                    "Color": [ 70, 255, 255 ],
                    "ServerName": "TameDisabler"
                "ScreenNotification": {
                    "Enabled": true,
                    "Text": "Reapers, Rock Drakes and Tusos are now tameable!",
                    "DisplayTime": 15,
                    "DisplayScale": 15,
                    "DisplayColor": [ 70, 255, 255 ]
                "DiscordWebhook": {
                    "URL": "",
                    "Message": "@everyone Taming of Reapers, Rock Drakes and Tusos is now enabled! Go tame them!"

Common issues:

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Support server:
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I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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