Structures Limit

Structures Limit 2.5

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  • Compatibility fix for other plugins that use building functions
  • Added confirmation reply when reloading config
  • Added UpdateStructures as RCON command
  • Changed reload command to "sl.reload"
  • Added "IgnoreAdmin" option to disable prevention for admins.
  • Fixed a minor issue with ShowLimit command
  • Fixed tribe merge issue
  • Added option "ShowLimitsType" to change between old and new display styles.
  • Added option to change color/size and scale on new display style.
Note: This update requires config update!
  • Minor fix: fixed counter logic when creating tribe/merging and inviting
  • Re-worked the counting logic
  • Added Tribe Merge Prevention
  • Added Tribe Invite Prevention
  • Added Manual structure update for all players/tribes (admincheat UpdateStructures)
  • Added Reload command (admincheat structureslimit.reload)
  • Added RCON Reload command (structureslimit.reload)
  • Fixed crash on hot load/unload

    Note: This update requires config update!
  • Small bug fix
  • Added ShowLimits command
  • Added GetBp console command
Requires config update!