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Simple Dino Stats 1.5

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high level dinos no longer show negative numbers
Look at your dino and type /oracle on chat. Dino base stats will show on the chat.
Look at your dino and type /shazam chat. Dino will be renamed to the base stats. movement speed is left out

There is a config to also show wild dino stats.

"usePermissions" : false,
"showWild" : true,
"invalid": "That is not a dino",
"requiredPermission": "simpledinostats",
"noPermission": "You dont have permission to use this command",
"showCommand" : "/oracle",
"renameCommand" : "/shazam"
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Now it is possible to configure the command to show the dino stats.

"ShowWildDinoStats": true,
"command": "/oracle" <-- set the comand here