Shop, Currency & Kits

Shop, Currency & Kits 2.9

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  • Improved timed rewards: It will always pick the highest group amount if possible.
  • Fixed crash scenarios when unloading
  • Fixed abuse when using Noglin
  • Added search feature for shop items
  • New Global option: "GiveDinosInCryopods": true, //provides dinos from the /buy command in cryopods
  • New Global option: "CryoLimitedTime": false //Sets a 60 minute expire time
  • New Global Function: /shopfind
Can search and return matching shop items (usage /shopfind searchterm) searches on the Item Key and Descriptions from the ShopItems list
"ShopFindCmd": "/shopfind",
"ShopFindUsage": "Usage: /shopfind searchterm",
"ShopFindNotFound": "No items matched your search",
"ShopFindTooManyResults": "Too many results to display refine your search term"
  • Added "StackRewards" config. If true player will receive the sum of all the rewards of the groups he's in.
  • Added "CryoItemPath" under "General". Used to change the cryopod to spawn after purchases (Only change if using custom cryopods mod and it uses the same Custom Item Data as vanilla cryopods)
  • Added support for Permissions
  • Added Cryopod functionality
  • New Store Option: "SaddleBlueprint": "",
    Example: SaddleBlueprint":"Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemArmor_CarnoSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_CarnoSaddle'",
  • Added support for commands in kits
  • Added Cryopod functionality
  • New: "RefundError":"Points refunded due to an error" //new message if dino fails to spawn which now refunds the points.
  • New Discord shop logging integration v.1.0
Known Issues:
  • DinoStorage2: Soul Traps is not yet supported as they are using a different mapping​
Big Thanks to @Lethal @kalendell @Pelayori @Foppa for the collaboration work of this release!
  • Added {steamid} placeholder for buying commands
  • Fixed selling
  • Added ListInvItems console command to list inventory items blueprints
  • Added more anti-crash checks
  • Fixed mysql not being autoreconnect
  • Fixed sell command
  • Added MySQL support
  • Added unload support
  • Added API function to temporarily disable shop
  • Code improvements
  • Added ability to buy engrams
  • Added ability to buy commands
  • Added help command
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed crash related to auto kits
  • Added neuter option to dinos
  • Added quantity support to /sell command
  • Added ChangeKitAmount and ArkShop.Reload commands to Rcon
  • Added option to set level range for kits/store items
  • Added 'OnlyFromSpawn' option for kits
  • /shop and /kits messages are now more customizable
  • It's possible to give kits automatically on spawn now
This version requires API v2.5!
Config changes -
  • Fixed encoding
  • Added map name to logs file names to prevent crashes when multiple servers access it

  • Added Unicode support
  • Added /sell and /shopsell commands
  • Added ChangePoints command
Config changes -
  • Fixed kits default amount