Shop, Currency & Kits

Shop, Currency & Kits 2.8

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  • Added {steamid} placeholder for buying commands
  • Fixed selling
  • Added ListInvItems console command to list inventory items blueprints
  • Added more anti-crash checks
  • Fixed mysql not being autoreconnect
  • Fixed sell command
  • Added MySQL support
  • Added unload support
  • Added API function to temporarily disable shop
  • Code improvements
  • Added ability to buy engrams
  • Added ability to buy commands
  • Added help command
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed crash related to auto kits
  • Added neuter option to dinos
  • Added quantity support to /sell command
  • Added ChangeKitAmount and ArkShop.Reload commands to Rcon
  • Added option to set level range for kits/store items
  • Added 'OnlyFromSpawn' option for kits
  • /shop and /kits messages are now more customizable
  • It's possible to give kits automatically on spawn now
This version requires API v2.5!
Config changes -
  • Fixed encoding
  • Added map name to logs file names to prevent crashes when multiple servers access it

  • Added Unicode support
  • Added /sell and /shopsell commands
  • Added ChangePoints command
Config changes -
  • Fixed kits default amount
  • Added permissions support
  • Added option to change database path to the config
  • Added experience points to the shop
  • Added option to change text size for /shop command
  • /kit command was improved
  • Kits may have a description now
  • Messages are now configurable
  • Dinos can be spawned using blueprints
  • /trade command uses character name instead of steam name
  • Amounts of points given for the time spent on the server can be configured for groups
  • Some other improvements