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Shop, Currency & Kits 2.9

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like the plug-in was wondering is there a way to add to the shop the command that force completes the missions on the genesis maps. If there is not any chance it can get added in if it is possible.
plugin is great but we need a urgent fix , people can buy stuff from the shop while controlling a noglin , meaning they walk into a base buy a stryder get a bed in the middle of a base and poof base gone .... please find a solution ty
There is a new version in the making that's going to be released soon. We are gathering the bugs and solving them!
Great plugin, Support is always helpful!
So where is support being you just blocked me when i asked that question like i am some punk.
No one has blocked you. You find the support in discussion, searching, learning how to setup mysql, google, and if you have questions you can ask.
Also have a discord where i offer support your choice. I Just don't prioritize giving support trough dm's :)
Great plugin, if anyone has a good base .json file for a 20x pvp server or can make one ill be willing to hire someone rather then take the time to code it myself.
Really neat!! Im wondering tho, is it possible to limit the amount of times someone can sell an item??
Like if I want to let people sell a trophy, but i want it to be a one time only bonus. Can that be done?
Not yet, but you could post it as a request in my discord!
Test today, found that the Dinos of KITs is not tamed, how to solve it?
This is not really where you post issues :)
The plugin is great, but same here like Jace, in all maps sometimes when a player use a command for buy any item or dino, sometimes crashes de server. After crashes, they try again the same command and it works, so is random. Any way to posibility fix that?
That's depending on your config file. The command works. Just check your config is correct !
Great plugin, but now with the new update for gen2 it crashes all my servers every time anyone tries to use it
That's the first time i hear about it, how ever i crash report could be done in the discussion or in my discord!
How ever we haven't confirmed it's an issue for everyone, but i we will look into if there is an actual issue that needs to be fixed we are already planning to release an update soon!
amazing work! Thank you!
Great plugin! You should consider adding on/off option for selling items. Great work and thank you for this.
When will you go to nova update for this shop?
Good. Perfect pluging.
Works as intended and I like what it does.

Heads up: Must have your A game on with syntax (obviously)- or use external tools to modify the config.
hey guys anyone knows what is wrong in this code? thanks for read
you have an error in json configuration
Hey guys,

How to pool the points on an ark cluster ? it's possible ?

Thank's !
where the ID numbers of the numbers so that Vip counts more points than others?
This shop is brilliant, THere is only one thing missing that would in my eyes make it a lot better and that would be to make the currency bushberrys as opposed to credits
Good work!!!